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The Nepliget Center offers you the perfect business location
for your company. The office complex covers everything
perfectly – from its excellent location and energy-efficient
building all the way to building services and amenities – allowing
you to focus on your work in a pleasant environment.
Imagine quickly

getting wherever

you need to go.

At any time.

Would you like to have your office near downtown Budapest?
On the other hand, would you also like to be able to reach the
airport quickly? The Nepliget Center is ideally located in Budapest
and also easy to reach with public transport and by car.
What must

a perfect

office offer

in 2012?

Most of all, the Nepliget Center offers one thing:
The right atmosphere for concentrating on your
work. The building is designed to satisfy the most
up-to-date requirements for work in the 21st century.
Maximize your

business by


your costs

The Nepliget Center is a certified green building and
consumes 25% less energy than conventional buildings.
This reduces overhead costs significantly.
26.000 sqm

ready for your


The Nepliget Center offers you not only the
most up-to-date offices but, most important
of all: sufficient space.
The Nepliget Center – What is nearby?

Do you want to do some quick shopping during your lunch break or
would you rather take a yoga lesson? The neighborhood surrounding
the Nepliget Center offers a range of options from fitness and shopping
down to recreational activities in the nearby park.
Perfectly situated in Budapest

On business journeys one thing counts more than anything else: getting
from A to B quickly and easily. The location of the Nepliget Center in
Budapest gives you easy access to all the important traffic throughways
of the city. And anyone who has to travel further: The airport can be
reached just as quickly.
The Nepliget District – A glance at the past

On June 21, 1936 the driver Nuvolari casually pulls on his leather gloves and gives the
signal to start the 12 cylinders of his Alfa Romeo 8C-35 of the Scuderia Ferrari.
The starter needs one turn and the 3.8 liter springs into action with a growl ... It could
have all transpired in much this way on June 21 in Nepliget Park. Where today mothers
push their prams through the park, business people seek a few moments recreation,
and dogs chase sticks, 76 years ago Hungary’s Grand Prix motor racing event took place.
A picture gallery of the race.
Have a look at the original poster
and many other impressions of the Hungarian
Grand Prix at Nepliget Park.
view gallery
The race on YouTube.
Watch the original race
as a short movie on YouTube.
view movie
The Nepliget District in the 1930tH
This is how the public
transport looked like in the early 30th.