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The Nepliget Center offers you the perfect business location
for your company. The office complex covers everything
perfectly – from its excellent location and energy-efficient
building all the way to building services and amenities – allowing
you to focus on your work in a pleasant environment.
Imagine quickly

getting wherever

you need to go.

At any time.

Would you like to have your office near downtown Budapest?
On the other hand, would you also like to be able to reach the
airport quickly? The Nepliget Center is ideally located in Budapest
and also easy to reach with public transport and by car.
What must

a perfect

office offer

in 2012?

Most of all, the Nepliget Center offers one thing:
The right atmosphere for concentrating on your
work. The building is designed to satisfy the most
up-to-date requirements for work in the 21st century.
Maximize your

business by


your costs

The Nepliget Center is a certified green building and
consumes 25% less energy than conventional buildings.
This reduces overhead costs significantly.
26.000 sqm

ready for your


The Nepliget Center offers you not only the
most up-to-date offices but, most important
of all: sufficient space.
Cost-and energy-efficient offices

Anyone who wants to work profitably today cannot do without sustainable business
premises and sustainable working conditions. Rising worldwide demand for raw materials
is driving costs for many companies sky high. For this reason, with the Nepliget Center
we offer business premises which more than fulfill the latest energy and environmental
standards and help to keep your operating costs low in the long term. And with your company
you will also be making a contribution to the protection of the environment.
Aspects that make the Nepliget Center

a certified Green Building

The Nepliget Center has won several awards because it surpasses the very
latest green building standards. You will find a selection of the most important
aspects that make the Nepliget Center so efficient here:
Sustainable Site
NC was a brown-field project. Prior to construction, the
soil was carefully and thoroughly decontaminated by
removing cables, oil, lead, and other hazardous waste.
Energy and Atmosphere
• Exceptional energy performance (25% less total primary energy consumed
than defined by Hungarian statutory regulations)
• Decreased head island/thermal island effect due to special roof materials
• Solar panels/sun collectors supporting 55% of domestic hot water supply
• Outstanding lighting density
• Boundary structure elements contributing to the reduction of cooling/heating
consumption (25% lower than national standards)
• The Building Management System ensures separate measurement of energy consumption
Water Efficiency
Soil water harvesting – free irrigation
30% decrease in drinking water consumption due to
he installation of flush fixtures and aerators in toilets
to optimize water efficiency
Materials and Resources
• Use of regional materials (within 500 mile radius), supporting local suppliers
• Materials from certified sources, with tested compounds and emission levels
• Selective collection and recycling of waste (paper, glass, plastic, batteries, metal)
  in all offices, trash containers are stored in basement
Innovation and Design Process
Use of a ground-breaking Hungarian innovation, the “Bárczy-Filter”
that selectively traps and removes traffic-related oil and organic
material from rain water in external sewage using the force of gravity,
thus consuming no power. This innovative filter contributes significantly
to protecting the surface water supply.
Minimize your Co2 Footprint

The Nepliget Center is ideally connected to the public transport system in Budapest. The
Nepliget bus and metro station is located within walking distance (5 minutes). From there
you can easily take the bus or metro and quickly get to the airport or any other part of the city.
And anyone who likes to cycle will find many bike paths near the Nepliget Center. This
makes it possible for you to move around the city without stress and be ecofriendly, too.
Metro and Bus Staion

The bus and metro station is
only 5 minutes away from the
Nepliget Center
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Central location

The Nepliget Center is ideally
situated in Budapest.
Bicycle lanes

Bicycle lanes surrounding the building,
bicycle racks and free use of bikes
in the underground garage.
Independent experts are convinced too

The Nepliget Center is a true manifestation of GLL’s exceptional dedication to sustainable
development and the environment. The project surpasses numerous green building certification
standards, and has been endorsed by the EU Green Building Program of the European
Commission’s Directorate General (Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy, Renewable
Energy Unit) for its outstanding energy efficiency performance and environmental
friendliness. One of the offices in the Nepliget Center received LEED Gold Certification, and
was awarded the “Greenest Office” citation.