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The Nepliget Center offers you the perfect business location
for your company. The office complex covers everything
perfectly – from its excellent location and energy-efficient
building all the way to building services and amenities – allowing
you to focus on your work in a pleasant environment.
Imagine quickly

getting wherever

you need to go.

At any time.

Would you like to have your office near downtown Budapest?
On the other hand, would you also like to be able to reach the
airport quickly? The Nepliget Center is ideally located in Budapest
and also easy to reach with public transport and by car.
What must

a perfect

office offer

in 2012?

Most of all, the Nepliget Center offers one thing:
The right atmosphere for concentrating on your
work. The building is designed to satisfy the most
up-to-date requirements for work in the 21st century.
Maximize your

business by


your costs

The Nepliget Center is a certified green building and
consumes 25% less energy than conventional buildings.
This reduces overhead costs significantly.
26.000 sqm

ready for your


The Nepliget Center offers you not only the
most up-to-date offices but, most important
of all: sufficient space.
Form follows function

What is true of good design is also true of good architecture: Form
follows function. For this reason, the Nepliget Center has no un-
necessary shapes or flourishes. The entire building is clearly designed
with sustainability in mind. From the choice of location to the basic form
of the buildings all the way to the building facade. See for yourself.
Where we work has an impact on how we work

You can imagine the Nepliget Center as a living organism. Every element has its own function
and is an integral component of the entire building as a whole. Thanks to a strong focus
on sustainable design, from its basic architecture to the smallest detail, the building is
functional and sustainable both inside and out. And the people who work there are the
first ones to know.
Glass structures deliver greater noise protection
and physical plant noise attenuation
Flexible spaces and work enviroments
Landscaped green
courtyard for resting between busy
working periods
Openable windows. Bright
interior spaces with natural light

Meticulously cared for plants and floral
arrangements in the offices
Air handling includes heat
exchanger system
Bright interior spaces
with natural light
above standart fresh air
Technical Details of the Building

The overall impression that everything works perfectly in the Nepliget Center
is the result of a large number of individual technical features which interact.
See for yourself.
Building structure

The structure of the building is a reinforced concrete frame
Columns generally spaced at 7.5 m intervals, connecting to
the reinforced concrete slabs which form the structural grid
framework. The whole building has been built on a reinforced
concrete base slab and a slurry wall to prevent water seepage.

Office interior details

Painted plasterboard internal walls. Suspended ceilings
provide a 2.7 meter internal ceiling height. Office areas are
carpeted, with linoleum flooring in kitchenettes. Partitions partly
made of glass are placed between cellular offices and internal
corridors to allow more natural light into internal work areas.
Facade and windows

The main entrance facade is an attractive glazed wall. All
other facades are plastered and the parapets between
aluminum window frames are glazed. Every office has a
window that can be opened.

Underground parking

Comfortable and secure parking on three basement levels. Camera
surveillance increases security in the restricted access garage which
has a barrier and gate at both the entrance and exit. An indoor
carwash facility is available during office hours.
internal doors

Fire doors are in accordance with regulations
External doors to office areas have fire-rated glazing
Internal office doors are made of painted wood
All doors are equipped with handles and are ready for cylinder installation

Electrical networks

Tenant lighting and electricity consumption are individually
metered. Windowsill trunking and power poles provide a
conduit for power and data cabling.
Heating - Cooling - Ventilation

Fresh air is adequately filtered and treated prior to entering the
building. Forced air ventilation is provided in larger meeting rooms.
4-pipe fan-coil units supply cooled or heated air. Adjustable
thermostats ensure a superior indoor climate.

Computer and Telephone network

A general trunking system is provided by cable ladders above
the suspended ceiling, workstations are serviced by a windowsill
trunking system with vertical feeders. Sockets can be placed in
the trunking system or on the power poles.
Light Fixtures

Office areas: recessed light fixtures are installed above workplaces.
Corridors and common area: built-in downlights
Storage: standard light fixtures are installed.
Exterior lighting is provided by fixtures at the main entrance and by
public lighting around the building.


The reception area, the elevator lobbies, car park, and all the
entrances to the building are centrally monitored by CCTV
surveillance. Barriers in the underground car park restrict
vehicle entrance and exit. Tenant key card readers can be
placed at individual main entrances on each floor.
Everything in one location

Anyone who likes things quick and simple will find a range of facilities
in the buildings of the Nepliget Center which can simplify and lighten
the load of the working day. For example, we offer bicycles for use
free of charge, a restaurant and cafeteria and many additional services:
  • Restaurant
  • Cafés
  • Parking for employees and clients
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Waste recycling

  • Bicycle storage
  • FREE USE OF Bicycles
  • Carwash